About A Starry Night Music

We provide world class musicians and disc jockeys for private events. As a working musician, I was always searching to make the music fresh and original. When I arrived in New York I immediately realized there was an open environment for the artistic ideals that I had. I opened A Starry Night in 1988. I wanted our private events to be fun, sophisticated, and cliché-free. At A Starry Night we think of each wedding as a blank canvas on which to create a new and extraordinary moment. Our signature style is to never repeat the same wedding. Every event we create has only your individual identity. It is your personal soundtrack. Each celebration is the reflection of our client's personal style and musical tastes.

Abra and Mark’s Wedding

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Music by A Starry Night


I loved everything about the wedding. Friends and family came from all over the country. The romantic, vintage-like atmosphere, the guests, the food, the music….it was just what I wanted. And given that I have spent my life working in the nonprofit world, I absolutely loved and valued that we were giving to a good cause. It made it even more special.”